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Eurofins Digital Testing has in depth experience providing test tools and test service for validating DRM implementations on devices.

Using Common Encryption (for DASH media) and the OIPF DRM Agent API, HbbTV allows DRM systems to be integrated and interfaced. The OIPF DRM Agent API is a generic way to allow an HbbTV application to interact with the DRM system, so it is necessary for each DRM vendor to document the way in which the generic API should be used for that particular DRM system.

The Ligada iSuite for HbbTV test tool includes a DRM test suite covering  Marlin and PlayReady implementations for DASH content.  

Sample test areas are listed below:

- Basic DRM DASH content playback.

- DRM DASH content playback working in seek, fast forward, fast rewind modes.

- Support for live services using key rotation and dynamic MPDs.

- Test of different license acquisition scenarios

– pre and post playback initiation.

- Error handling tests – e.g. unable to connect to license server, invalid license issue, etc.

- Verify that custom data sent by the DRM license server in a response is raised to the HbbTV application.