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MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)

MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) seeks to simplify and unify adaptive streaming by building on existing bespoke technologies that are currently deployed. It offers broadcasters, operators, and OTT/IPTV-only platform owners the ability to simplify encoding and distribution methodologies in order to reach new audiences across multiple devices cost-effectively.

Advantages over other adaptive streaming formats are that MPEG-DASH is an open standard (ISO / IEC 23009 ratified in 2012) and that it supports multiple DRM solutions, closed captions and multiple audio tracks to enable different languages.

A major stumbling block has been true client/server interoperability compounded by the lack of a comprehensive functional conformance test suite: Ligada iSuite for DASH and Ligada iSuite for DASH are the answer.

Eurofins Digital Testing is a member of the DASH Industry Forum and contributes to the development of the standard. The company has expertise in developing multiple test suites utilising MPEG-DASH within the HbbTV standard (Hybrid broadcast broadband Television) and DLNA.

We have test tools available to support DASH testing; our Ligada iSuite for DASH and our Ligada iSuite for DASH Pro. Follow the links for more information: