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Eurofins Digital Testing works with a number of technical standards or technical profile stakeholder organisations, providing specialist testing solutions for media device content delivery.

We help them build test tools and conformance systems so that they can ensure the integrity and interoperability of their technology.

Eurofins Digital Testing is able to offer conformance and certification ISO 17025 accredited lab services both in Europe from the UK and Belgium and in South East Asia from our Hong Kong facility.

The company is unique in being able to provide comprehensive R&D development in addition to test services and has a wide range of existing test tool and test suite IPR. We have built test tools and test suites for a number of organisations such as HbbTV, OIPF and the CI+ LLP and are accredited test labs for DLNA, HbbTV and CI+.

Our testing IPR covers the following technologies; follow the available links for more information on our expertise and certification programmes: