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The foundation of Eurofins Digital Testing brought several successful digital testing organisations into the Eurofins family. On-going growth has expanded the range of digital testing tools and services offered and also extended our global reach. A dedicated division, Eurofins Cyber Security, helps companies face the landscape of ever-increasing threats. Read more below.

About Eurofins Digital Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing, and its division Eurofins Cyber Security, is a global leader in independent Quality Assurance, (QA), testing and cyber security for software systems and devices with operations in Belgium, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and the USA. We help businesses in mediatech, fintech, energy, governmental and the other industries assure quality in their digital transformations towards Industry 4.0.

We are a trusted provider in a broad spectrum of quality solutions covering:

  • Managed test services & augmented test resourcing
  • Industry recognized advisory & training, including Eurofins Academy
  • Lab-based testing services & infrastructure
  • Test automation & Conformance testing services & tools
  • Comprehensive cyber security services & tools

Eurofins Digital Testing is part of Eurofins Scientific, which has more than 800 laboratories in 47 countries and around 45,000 employees worldwide. Founded in 1987, Eurofins is highly regarded in testing, with a level of expertise that makes it the first call for businesses around the world.

Eurofins Digital Testing: Your trusted partner in quality

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