Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Birmingham)

Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Birmingham) provides the full spectrum of software testing services covering both conventional and the latest service delivery methodologies across the UK.
Our clients trust us to deliver because we listen to them, enabling us to provide innovative, value-added services and resources including access to senior staff and industry leading experts.
We are acutely customer focused, and adapt our solutions to meet – and exceed - customers’ needs rather than forcing them to work within set boundaries. It is important that we work in partnership with our clients, understanding the importance of cultural fit, business knowledge and technical expertise.
We ensure you have the true picture of the state of your projects. Our open and honest assessment enables problems to be identified and resolved at the earliest possible point and therefore lowest cost point in the lifecycle.

Birmingham Office

Our Birmingham office is set in the very heart of the Birmingham business centre enabling us to provide tailored testing services either on site or just a short walk away from our clients offices. Our Testlab service, based from our Birmingham office, has proved very successful in the Midlands and continues to provide a low-cost on-demand capability that flexes with our clients’ needs.

Working at Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Birmingham)

We recruit only the best people with an excellent pedigree and a track record in delivering real results. We are always looking for the right people to push Eurofins Digital Testing UK further in the right direction whether at a junior level or something more senior.

We are fully committed to our staff, we create a positive, friendly working environment and encourage all our staff to be actively involved in the future success of the company by contributing ideas and collateral.

Our people are fascinated by new technologies and thrive on new challenges. We have launched exciting new services such as the Eurofins Academy and the Testlab which provide our clients with imaginative alternative solutions to their testing challenges.

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