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Eurofins Digital Testing Selected by Freesat for End-to-End Service Validation

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9th June 2016 - Eurofins Digital Testing, a global leader in end-to-end quality assurance (QA) and testing services (formerly Testronic Labs Belgium), today announced it has been selected by Freesat, the joint venture between ITV and the BBC, to automate monitoring of service availability across Freesat’s subscription-free satellite TV service in the UK. In addition, Freesat will use Eurofins’ TestWizard suite and services for deployments of its Metaphor TV platform for third-party operators worldwide.

Freesat offers more than 200 TV and radio channels, including 12 in HD, and 11 interactive services, to everyone in the UK. Freesat is currently available in more than 1.93 million homes, and watched by four million viewers per week. Separate from its own service, Freesat’s Metaphor TV platform is a complete service solution for terrestrial, cable and satellite TV operators and manufacturers worldwide looking to integrate broadband On Demand services into their existing linear broadcast offering. 

TestWizardUnder the agreement, Freesat will use Eurofins’ cloud-based TestWizard system to reduce development, testing and deployment cycles, and support a more continuous delivery environment for its TV services. TestWizard reduces the time spent on repetitive, manual tests by providing automated tests cases for increased coverage and consistency to provide service validation, insights into the end-user experience, and performance monitoring for quality assurance. 

“Freesat is focused on ensuring the highest levels of quality, which makes service-level testing critical,” said Matthew Huntington, CTO, Freesat. “Eurofins’ TestWizard system allows us to replace time-consuming manual tests with more accurate, efficient and repeatable test cycles that emulate our end-users experiences on set-top boxes and accelerate our ability to innovate.”

“Freesat is renowned for providing exceptional TV services and embracing next-gen technologies to improve the video experience,” said Johan Craeybeckx, CEO of Eurofins Digital Testing, Belgium Division. “We’re very proud to have been selected by Freesat to provide important validation capabilities that help the company scale, improve reliability and meet continuous release deadlines for its own satellite TV service and the Metaphor TV platform.”

TestWizard Features and Benefits  

Beyond its use by Freesat, TestWizard provides operators around the globe with the required functionality to fully automate and manage test execution on multiple devices, including set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, back-office devices (i.e. video servers), and Web applications. It ensures optimal efficiency in preparation, execution, reporting and maintenance of automated tests. 

  • Execution: run automated test scripts on various devices, or multiple devices in parallel, to allow load-managed division of large test plans, or full concurrent testing to obtain consistent and/or regression information. Scripts can be executed to run tests on a broad range of streams, configurations and parameters including video or audio quality, resolution, frame rate, bit depth, and more.
  • Scripting: allows the user to quickly create and debug test scripts using a by virtual remote control with a graphical drag-and-drop approach, which requires limited programming skills, rather than complex coding.
  • Reporting: immediate report test feedback is automatically synchronized in a centralized test script repository that can be accessed remotely for scheduling and execution of automated test runs.
  • Resource Management: reduces time spent on resource management, scheduling test runs and processing test results, while accuracy and efficiency are increased. 
  • Monitoring: cloud-based management system provides a central interface for configuration and remote monitoring of multiple automation tools, across multiple geographical locations, in real-time. It also provides teams across development, testing and operations to access and share information, and support DevOps and continuous delivery models.
  • Third-Party Integration: modular architecture integrates with leading third-party, open-source or commercial tools such as continuous integration tools such as Jenkins and many others.