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Eurofins Digital Testing’s Qi Test Service Now Available in Asia Pacific Region

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Qi Testing from Eurofins Digital TestingEurofins Digital Testing, the pioneer and global leader for Qi interoperability testing, is pleased to announce the extension of its exclusive Commercial Qi Interoperability Test Service to the Asia Pacific region. Qi is an open interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that allows products to charge wirelessly. All products that implement Qi work together seamlessly, independent of manufacturer or brand. And with the growing demand for Qi test services globally, our Hong Kong facility (which has an excellent reputation for delivering industry conformance and custom testing services) now has a dedicated test environment for testing all certified Qi transmitter and receiver products.

The Commercial Qi Interoperability Test Service is a crucial element in Qi device development. It is key to identifying how the product will perform in the consumer market space as well as potential interoperability failures prior to the official test run. This helps ensure a high level of quality assurance throughout the development process.

Johan Craeybeckx, CEO of Eurofins Digital Testing said:

“With the new facility in Hong Kong, we can efficiently and economically support developers and manufacturers throughout the APAC region with Qi certification and interoperability testing. It is a valuable addition to our existing Qi Interoperability lab in Belgium.”

The following service areas are supported by Eurofins Digital Testing:

  • Standards Compliance
  • EMC & Normative/ Directive testing (E-marking; FCC; CE)
  • Interoperability (+400 off-the-shelf mobile devices available)
  • End-to-end test services
  • Functional Testing
  • Non- Functional Testing
  • Test Automation

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