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Meet us @ NAB Show 2019

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Eurofins Digital Testing will be unveiling a brand-new ATSC 3.0 testing product at NAB Show 2019. This new product comprises a suite of test automation tools enabling the testing of technologies adopted by ATSC 3.0 standard. Alongside this, we will also be demonstrating the latest version of our well-regarded Test Automation tool, TestWizard - Version 2.6.

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ATSC 3.0 Test Solutions

Introducing our ATSC 3.0 test harness and suite of test tools, which enable automated playout of conformance test material for testing devices against ATSC 3.0 standards. Key technologies tested include:

  • 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range & High Frame Rate video
  • Next Gen Immersive Audio
  • HTML runtime environments

The ATSC 3.0 Test Harness and ATSC 3.0 Test Suite will be available for demonstration, showcasing automation of the complete implementation of a receiver to verify interoperability and conformance, as well as easily-played automated test cases.

ATSC RF Testing

We now offer RF testing for ATSC 3.0, in addition to our existing services for ATSC 1.0, for manufacturers attempting to verify RF performance of their receiver’s physical layer designs.

This plan is recommended to be used by manufacturers to ensure their lab testing is conducted consistently and can be independently verified by the ATSC 3.0 development.

Eurofins ATSC 3.0 Expertise: 

We are also available to discuss custom services that we can offer across the broadcast spectrum, using our existing ATSC 3.0 expertise.

Find our ATSC 3.0 Team and experience a demonstration of Arreios for ATSC 3.0 at: 

  • NAB Pilot Futures Park, Booth N1335 (North Hall)
  • Westgate Hotel, Director Suite C

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Test Automation: Artificial Intelligence for E2E testing of Media Platforms including Smart TVs 

Our innovative solution enables the performance of test automation on TV sets in the same way as currently undertaken with HDMI-connected devices. This solution is device agonistic, which improves the implementations of test automation scripts on TV sets with different operating systems, size and configuration. In this way, we can meet the expectations of our customers by implementing a new approach for the devices and help our customers in end-to-end test automation including TV sets. Book and appointment to see this TestWizard based system at NAB by following the link below.

System Advantages:

  • Operating system independent​
  • Works across all Smart TV platforms and all types of TVs.​
  • Can cover video and audio playback​
  • Use one tool to test on different devices and across Android, Windows and iOS. ​

You can test all the different scenarios an end-user executes. One solution for full end-to-end testing of media platforms. Including STB, Web, Mobile, IoT and any other device. 

Alongside this, we will also be demonstrating the latest version of our well-regarded Test Automation tool for Smart TV testing, TestWizard

Find our Test Automation team at 

  • Westgate Hotel, Director Suite C

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