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Medical Devices Cyber Security Mitigation Event, USA

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On July 16 - 17 Eurofins Digital Testing will be at the Third Annual Medical Device Cyber Security Mitigation Event in Arlington VA, USA. 

Medical Device Mitigation Event

The event will address: 

  • Proactive integration of cybersecurity measures throughout the medical device lifecycle
  • Deploying a robust cybersecurity compliance strategy to meet FDA expectations
  • Engaging with HDOs to optimize cybersecurity in the hospital environment

How Eurofins Can Help 

Eurofins is a world-leader in standards testing, QA testing, cybersecurity, and digital testing, and we use that expertise to help medical device manufacturers around the world secure their products before, during and after market release.

We offer a full array of cyber security services to ensure medical devices meet the highest standards for security. Eurofins aligns its testing with UL2900, which is recognized by international bodies as the security standard for medical devices and other connected devices. 

By partnering with Eurofins and leveraging our world-class security testing services, you will greatly improve you product’s security posture and ensure your customers and their patients are protected. 

Whether you are in the design phase, or have had products in production for years, we can help secure and protect your medical devices in ways that position you ahead of the competition and favorably with your customers. Join us at our booth at the event where we are pleased to also have representation from our sister Eurofins company, MET Labs. 

Not going to the Event? Contact us today to see why so many companies trust Eurofins for all their cybersecurity needs.