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IoT Conference Europe 2019

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Eurofins Digital Testing is proud to have been a Gold Sponsor of this year's Internet of Thing Convention 2019 in Mechelen, Belgium on 19 June. 


Our expert speaker Erik Boelen presented at the event: 

"Television Rules the Nation!"

Digital television has evolved drastically. Sitting at home, taking a bus or travel in an airplane without any mobile connection, we still want to see our preferred content at that time.

This brings challenges in guaranteeing the quality of the solution. Quality control needs to evolve together with the fast pace. How are we handling this? How do we make sure more than a million clients are not affected by regression?

About Erik

Erik is a passionate test professional. He has helped many companies set up effective test processes. In addition to specializing in agile testing, Erik challenges traditional views of testing to better serve his clients and address their unique needs. Erik translates his knowledge into specialized training materials, adapting them to help organizations deal with their specific problems. He is the founder of The Belgian Testers currently having around 700 members on Linkedin.

Discover the importance of QA and Testing in the Smart Living, Smart City, Smart Industry and Smart Mobility environments

As well as Erik, members from our expert team were at the event to talk about your projects and testing. If you missed them at the event why not make an appointment to discuss how Eurofins can help you design and implement a robust and rigorous testing regime? Click here and mention your areas of interest so we can align you with the most appropriate of our experts.