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IoT Conference Europe 2018 - Smart Cities

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Eurofins Digital Testing, in partnership with NiKo was pleased to have a booth at the IoT Convention in Antwerp, providing unique insights into the latest challenges and solutions in the Smart Home and City industry

At the IoT convention, we illustrated how Eurofins could guide you through the integration of Test Automation -and QA processes and approaches, fitting the needs of IoT companies, where time to market is crucial. Our approach is perfectly fitting buzzwords as DevOps, CI/CD, Scrum, SaFe and more

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Our expert speaker at the event: 

The Role of QA Test Automation in DevOps
Sahil Raziuddin, Eurofins Digital Testing

In this presentation, we shared information about the importance of QA Automation and experience from Eurofins being a visionary player in QA Automation industry.

QA Automation is a must have and in most cases an enabler for having a successful DevOps setup. It is important to focus on the quality of the delivery and have delivery working end to end, before it is deployed in production. There are many ways applying quality in form of multiple gateways through the Build and deployment pipeline in DevOps. 


Discover the importance of QA Automation in the Smart Home environment

QA Automation is the only way to combine time to market with the right quality. It is important to focus on the quality of the delivery and have your product/framework perfectly working E2E, before it is deployed in production. Our In-house developed Automation Framework – Test Wizard - allows us to achieve this and more as it is built specifically for running Automated End to End testing.

Our Event Partner

About Eurofins Digital Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing is part of the Eurofins Group, which has a network of more than 400 laboratories in 44 countries and over 35,000 employees globally facilitated in Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Poland, United States and China. We provide specialized on-site or in-house “test solutions” where we combine resources, tooling and processes to validate software for digital media delivery systems, standard organizations and the IoT market – which is growing at a phenomenal rate.

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