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Cyber Security Seminar, February & March 2019, Beijing, Shenzhen and Taiwan

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Cyber Security: Do you want to be the next one fined because of GDPR? 

Did you know that you can be under the threat of being fined due to the GDPR even if your company is based in APAC? Come and hear from our experts and discover how you can avoid such an outcome. 


The risks from hacking, and demands of regimes such as the GDPR, are putting ever-greater responsibilities and pressure on companies. Failure to address them can lead to financial losses, loss of customer confidence and even fines! When it comes to a potential cyber-attack on your business it is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'.

In these seminars you will learn how to discover risks, identify attacks and prepare your business for the impact of the GDPR. You will also learn the importance of ensuring connected devices are tested for GDPR compliance and there will also be opportunities to discuss all matters relating to cyber security with our experts and with attendees from other companies and industries.

We will examine the many aspects of the GDPR more closely and will gain an understanding of what is required for compliance. Also included is a hands-on workshop where you can see more closely what is involved in GDPR device testing and gain a more thorough understanding of the processes.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with a responsibility or interest in cyber security and particularly GDPR conformance

Speakers: Mathijs Hummel LLM CIPP/e CIPM and Wouter Wessels, Eurofins Cyber Security 

Mathijs Hummel is a privacy expert at Eurofins Cyber Security. He helps organisations discover the endless possibilities when dealing with privacy, security and the GDPR. Holding a degree in IT Law, he has specialized further in the field of cyber security and privacy and held multiple security and privacy management positions. His mission is to make privacy and security accessible and understandable as well as provide practical guidance.

Wouter Wessels is a security engineer at Eurofins Cyber Security. Wouter daily tests the security of applications and IoT devices of Eurofins clients, preventing major security breaches by early identification. He also provides advice in how to resolve any issues. By sharing his knowledge and experience in training and workshop sessions Wouter helps to change the mindset of developers to make them more aware of existing issues and these can be prevented in an early stage of product development: ‘security and privacy by design’.

Where and when: 

  • Taiwan: Tuesday 26 February, GIS HSP Convention Center, No. 1, Gongye E. 2nd Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Shenzhen: Wednesday 27 February, Royce Hotel, Shenzhen,Unit D, Zhongke Naneng Mansion, Yuexing 6th Avenue, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm 
  • Beijing: Friday 1 March, Tylfull Hotel, Building 1, Courtyard 1, West Tucheng Road, Hai Dian, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm


  • The event is free to all attendees


  • Seminars are presented in English with a Chinese Translation

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Welcome - Reception 

Introduction: You will be hacked! A look at the inevitability of your systems being hacked and the steps you can take to mitigate the effects.

Compliance and the GDPR: Gain an understanding of the GDPR and what compliance means for your business.                         

GDPR Device Testing (hands on): Testing compliance is a crucial step and this hands-on session enables all attendees to gain first hand experience of achieving successful testing

Closing address 

Dinner: An opportunity to talk further with the team from Eurofins Cyber Security over dinner and to ask questions on any aspect of Cyber Security


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What is the GDPR? 

Does your company manufacture connected devices? Do you regularly use connected devices? Then having an understanding of – and complying with – the GDPR could be essential to your business. 

The GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation  – establishes the new legal framework for personal data protection in the EU and it applied to all businesses trading with EU countries. The GDPR is designed to safeguard and strengthen the rights of data subjects (persons of whom personal data is processed), to better enable them to take control of their data in an increasingly digital society. Substantial fines and penalties can be imposed on companies for non-compliance. So, if your business deals where the GDPR applies, you must comply. 

About Eurofins Cyber Security 

Eurofins Cyber Security is our specialist division focused on providing the most comprehensive and professional cyber security services. Our extensive team of several hundred experts offers companies such as yours:

  • Advisory Services
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  • Awareness and Training Services
  • Hacking and Testing Services