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Meet us at BroadcastAsia & CommunicAsia 2019

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BN2-12, Singapore, 18 to 20 June 2019 

Eurofins Digital Testing was pleased to attend this year's ConnecTechAsia to showcase our latest Digital QA and Cybersecurity solutions for Media, App vendors, Smart Home & AV device manufacturers, as well as Retail, Payment & Finance sectors.  Our booth number is BN2-12 which is located at CommunicAsia – Basement 2 of Sands Expo & Convention Centre.  Throughout the three days, our experts also presented talks in both BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia.

ConnecTech Asia ran from 18 to 20 June 2019 

The demos included: 

Demo #1: AI-Powered Test Automation – TestWizard for Mobile Devices, Web, STB & Smart TV

Our innovative AI solution enables the performance of test automation on TV sets in the same way as currently undertaken with mobile, web and HDMI-connected devices. This solution is device agonistic, which improves the implementations of test automation scripts on TV sets with different operating systems, size and configuration. In this way, we can meet the expectations of our customers by implementing a new approach for the devices and help our customers in end-to-end test automation including TV sets.

System Advantages:

  • Suitable for Smart Home, Retail, Payment, Finance and OTT Apps
  • Ideal solution for regression, compatibility – Increase test coverage with minimised time-to-market
  • Support Mobile Devices, Web, STB and Smart TV (OS Independent​)
  • Simulate exact User Experience, including video playback and advertisement insertion​
  • Flexible and Scalable to suit difference demand scenarios

We also offer manual QA packages and User Experience Analysis fully customisable to suit your strategic focus.

Demo 2: Cyber Security – GDPR Compliance, Assessment & Training

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force since May 2018 and how far have you been preparing for the changes in your business processes and device security?  Our Cyber Security Experts from Europe can advise you.

Our Cyber Security Offerings:

  • Organisational Level
    • Business Process and IT Infrastructure Assessment
    • Compliance Audit and Assessment (GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS)
    • On-demand Security Response Helpdesk
    • Training or E-Learning
  • Device Level
    • Secure Software Update Distribution
    • Encryption of Credentials
    • Network Vulnerabilities
    • User Privacy Protection Strategy

Demo 3: Amazon Alexa AVS Device Testing

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service available on over 100 million of devices that enables users to use natural voice to interact with the technology.  We are offer product testing services for Alexa Built-in products, based on the official Alexa Voice Service (AVS) test materials and automation tool.

Alexa AVS Testing Includes:

  • Functional Testing
  • Music Testing
  • UX Evaluation
  • Acoustic Testing


We also had three speech sessions throughout the event:

Talk 1: “You will be hacked - and you know it!”

In the presentation 'You will be hacked!', Jasper de Vries, CRO of Eurofins Cyber Security elaborates on the cyber threats. For Example, hackers who hack PV-plants with malware and so disrupting the European power network and causing a blackout is a real threat. The most important cause is the poorly secured software in all kinds of devices. So today's CISO must embrace hackers to make the internet safer.

Talk 2: “Test Automation for IoT & Smart Home Devices”

To cope with the increasing demand and complexity in IoT and Smart Home applications, many of our clients find that test automation is crucial to satisfy timeline and high coverage in regression testing.

Talk 3: “AI and Voice Assistance: Unlocking New Content Discovery Capabilities”

AI and Voice Assistance technologies (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) have come into play in Video Streaming and Smart Home with the objective to engage the audience and create consumer value. The success critically relies on good user experience and high software quality. The strongest element in AI is the “Human Touch” in order to serve consumers in natural and reliable ways. To achieve it, the algorithms are increasingly complex and must be accompanied by more sophisticated testing methodologies. In this presentation, we analyse the prevailing status of use cases of AI and Voice Assistance and the methodologies used by Eurofins Digital Testing.