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Eurofins Digital Testing at CES 2019

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We were pleased to be part of the action at CES 2019, based with our Eurofins MET Labs colleagues in the South Hall 4. We talked extensively about our new (and current) product offerings. If you didn't get the chance to see us, or didn't get the chance to attend CES this year, read below to learn more, and click the links to get in touch and discuss further. 


ATSC 3.0 Test Harness and Test Material

Our ATSC 3.0 Test Harness allows automation of a range of important scenarios for device manufactures and their suppliers to verify conformance and correct implementation. The harness includes:

  • Complete lab test environment for device black box testing
  • Built-in automation and intuitive UI for managing test execution
  • ATSC 3.0 test plan and test information: test assertion, procedure and specification references
  • Video capture and automated video playback recognition
  • AV Data Processing Unit for verifying Audio/Video synchronisation and frame rate detection
  • Dynamic stream packaging and playout (ROUTE/DASH and MMT)
  • Integrated web server for hybrid scenarios, including applications and broadband video use cases

The following additional functionality will be added in due course:

  • Test report generation and publishing
  • Test plan and test run management
  • Additional automation capabilities including programmable IR control ... and much more

Our ATSC 3.0 Compliance Test Streams feature audio and video packaged to ATSC 3.0 standards in a way that is easily played out to a TV or other receiver device in a lab environment. The streams include ATSC 3.0 compliant ROUTE/DASH packaged audio and video, over ATSC 3.0 “Physical Layer” RF via an ATSC 3.0 modulator.

  • HD and UHD resolutions
  • SDR and HDR (HLG10 and PQ10)
  • AC-4 Audio
  • HEVC/ROUTE/DASH (ATSC 3.0 Profile)
  • Subtitles /closed caption
  • A/344 Interactive content environment

These features will also be added soon:

  • Additional Audio/Video combinations (Next Generation Audio, High Frame Rate, HEVC Scalable - SHVC)
  • Targeted Advertising ... and much more

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ATSC 3.0 RF Testing

  • A/325:2017, TG3/S32 Lab Performance Test Plan (verifying RF performance of a receiver’s physical layers design)
  • A/326:2017, ATSC 3.0 Field Test Plan (RF field environment performance test processes providing analysis for RF field environment performance test processes)

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Testing Services for Alexa Voice Services (AVS)

Eurofins Digital Testing can provide product testing services for Alexa Built-in products, based on the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) self-test checklists.

Testing services are available now and provided from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Belgium, supporting technical support in local languages and time zones

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GDPR Product Testing: Reviews and Assessments

Eurofins Cyber Security's comprehensive and wide-ranging GDPR compliance assessments have been developed in a modular form depending on the type of product, complexity of the device and so forth. The core elements to be tested will include:The core can be fully customised for individual requirements and include:

  • testing the attack surface of products
  • testing the communication to and from devices
  • conformance to country-specific security requirements
  • analysis of the firmware of products to see whether it is possible to extract sensitive data

Additional reviews and assessments - and fully customised programs are also available. Visit us at CES or get in touch now to discuss your own requirements.

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Organisational Cyber Security Services 

In addition to our GDPR Device Testing services we can help with: 

  • Awareness & Training including E-learning modules, workshops
  • Assurance & Advisory including audits, Shared Security and Privacy Officer
  • Hacking & Testing including red-teaming, assessments of IT Systems and apps
  • And much more

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Test Automation: Using TestWizard in Media, IoT and for enhancing DevOps 

TestWizard Suite 2.5 is the comprehensive and extensible test automation harness for media hardware, IoT devices and end-to-end DevOps. At CES discuss

  • How TestWizard can capture user interactions on a set top box and convert them into test scripts and scenarios
  • how TestWizard can be used for end-to-end testing of IoT devices 
  • the flexibility of TestWizard for automated testing of media devices, mobile devices, web apps and more

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Testing, Quality Assurance and Resourcing 

Eurofins Digital Testing has an enviable reputation in supplying testing services, test tools and staffing resources for a wide range of high technology companies globally. We can work closely with your development and testing teams to help you accelerate product development and testing, bringing better quality products to the market. Whatever your project, or the stage in development, we're here to talk, informally, about how we can help. 

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