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ANGA COM Seminar 2018

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Eurofins Digital Testing, in partnership with Akamai and 3 Screen Solutions, was pleased to hold a seminar alongside the ANGA COM event in 2018. Attendees from a broad range of companies listened to talks featuring unique and valuable insights into the latest challenges and solutions in media distribution innovation. 

Take a look at the programme below and visit our Events Page for news on future events. 


The Google Revolution: How to Get the most from Android TV & Operator Tier
Stefan Blickensdörfer, 3 Screen Solutions
Android TV is transforming the TV business. Operators everywhere are eyeing the benefits of choosing Google as partner for new STB and multiscreen launches. Android TV Operator Tier is Google’s most compelling proposition yet and has captured the attention of providers eager to deliver proven, loved services. However, there’s a lot to consider, from which flavour of Android is best for your business, to choosing the right STB and middleware.
The Role of QA Test Automation in DevOps
Sahil Raziuddin, Eurofins Digital Testing
The essential goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship between development and operations by advocating better communication and collaboration between the two. This is best achieved in our marketplace through robust QA test automation, particularly involving regression and sanity testing in continuous build & deploy processes. In this talk we explore innovative opportunities for embedding such testing in the Build-Deploy-Test cycle.
What does 'Good' Look Like?
Thomas Stark, Akamai
We will share our findings into defining the optimal video stream. What does 'good quality'  mean when we’re delivering different content genres across so many different devices? What does it look like to a viewer? We will show what impact different parts of the technology stack have on viewers' perceptual quality & how we are using a new approach to determine optimal video quality to guide customers.
Cyber Security Threats & Countermeasures
Sean Walls, Eurofins Digital Testing
Managing cyber security risk is becoming a top business priority for digital content providers. The threat landscape is changing at a frightening pace and the attack surface expanding and exposing us to risks we never imagined a few years ago.  Protecting your critical assets is vital. Eurofins will show you how to assess your risk and create a security program that protects what's important to you and your customers.
Our Partners

We would like to thank 3SS and Akamai who supported this event