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Eurofins at AfricaCom 2018

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We were pleased to be at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in November, visiting AfricaCom 2018, sharing our experiences and skills on: 

Conformance Testing | Quality of Experience | 4k HDR UHD Technologies | Test Automation | Cyber Security



Conformance Testing and Conformance Test Suites 

We've been pleased to work with a number of Africa's leading broadcasters on digital TV projects. We managed the testing services for operators in Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda and Ghana, aiding digital rollouts. We can help you in your testing projects, helping you deliver maximum ROI and shorten delivery times. 

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Video Streaming Quality of Experience (QoE) Analysis & Testing

Delivering the best quality to your end users is increasingly important - particularly as consumers use increasingly diverse methods for accessing content. We've built a unique video streaming Quality of Experience (QoE) Analysis Tool that enables the efficient analysis of hundreds of different video playback runs that result from varying the content type, encoding, network conditions and client device. 

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4k HDR Ultra HD Technologies

Eurofins Digital Testing has been at the forefront of testing 4k UHD HDR technologies and helps maintain the 4k HDR Ultra HD Logo scheme.


If you are looking to make 4K HDR Ultra HD work in your market you need to talk with us. The Logo scheme has seen us working closely with content producers, broadcasters and manufacturers and the scheme is supported by companies including LG Electronics, MStar, Panasonic and HiSense. 


Test Tools and Test Automation

Our test tools are highly regarded in the industry and include tools for automatic testing of a wide range of devices. Our popular TestWizard helps reduce the time spent on repetitive testing tasks while test coverage and test consistency is guaranteed. Comprehensive reporting and scheduling tools aid efficient workflows and delivery of outcomes.

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Testing, Quality Assurance and Resourcing 

Eurofins Digital Testing has an enviable reputation in supplying testing services, test tools and staffing resources for a wide range of high technology companies globally. We can work closely with your development and testing teams to help you accelerate product development and testing, bringing better quality products to the market. 


Cyber Security in the Media Sector

Like all businesses in the technology sector, media companies can be a target for cyber crime. Our Cyber Security division provides a full array of cyber security services to meet all your risk, governance, compliance, and security needs. Services reflect our deep understanding of industry, its standards and frameworks and we deliver this in all these domains: 

  • Assessment services
  • Compliance Services
  • Security Strategy & Governance
  • Device Security

AfricaCom may be over but get in touch to discuss any of these topics and how they relate to your projects.