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Events: NAB 2018

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At NAB 2018 in Las Vegas we will be demonstrating our recently-developed resources for ATSC 3.0.

The company has established conformance test tools and materials enabling the certification and testing of many of the standards adopted by ATSC 3.0, such as HTML5 runtime environments, MPEG-DASH, Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range video. We have a suite of test automation tools which enable device manufacturers and application authors to test devices reliably and efficiently, which could enable the ATSC 3.0 standard to be successfully implemented.Image result for ATSC 3.0 logo

Our latest ATSC 3.0 Compliance Test Streams feature audio and video packaged to ATSC 3.0 standards in a way that is easily played out to a TV or other receiver device in a lab environment. The streams include ATSC 3.0 compliant ROUTE/DASH packaged audio and video, over ATSC 3.0 “Physical Layer” RF via an ATSC 3.0 modulator.

We will be demonstrating our automation tools and test materials at NAB and are developing the material towards a comprehensive ATSC 3.0 conformance Test Suite and Test Environment for silicon vendors, manufacturers of ATSC 3.0 receivers and components. We’d love to talk to you about your ATSC 3.0 project and how our tools can help make it a success. Please contact us to make an appointment. At NAB you will find us at Suite 1032 in the Renaissance Hotel.


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