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Eurofins Helps Tivù in Italy Deliver Labelling and Quality Certification Programmes

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Eurofins Digital Testing is working in partnership with the Italian free to air platform operator, Tivù, to design and implement test suites for preparation and certification of Tivù compliant receivers. These will apply to the Tivùsat satellite platform, the Tivù DGTVi digital terrestrial platform and the OTT Tivùon! platform. The services are being rolled out in Italy through 2017.


HD Forum Italia, an organisation that includes broadcasters, manufacturers and others with a key interest in development of Italian high definition broadcasting had agreed back in 2015 that it would start broadcasting using HbbTV 2.0 within two years, in place of MHP services previously offered.

The discussions that followed saw the proposed re-alignment of services, adding to the free-to-air DGTVi digital terrestrial platform and free-to-air/free-to-view DTH satellite service (Tivùsat, launched in 2009) a range of premium, OTT services, branded as Tivùon! The services take their name from Tivù, a consortium comprising state broadcaster RAI, Mediaset and Telecom Italia Media.

In migrating from the MHP to HbbTV, HDFI also wanted to move to self-certification for the compliant hardware which would require the creation of custom test materials and new test regimes for each of the three services.


Eurofins Digital Testing joined HD Forum Italia in September 2015 with a view to using its expertise in digital television deployment and particularly HbbTV deployment – to help further Italy’s ambitions.

Working with HDFI, Eurofins’ set up a workshop to demonstrate the various ways in which Eurofins had worked with other broadcasters across Europe in delivering digital TV and HbbTV projects, showing the deliverables that had subsequently resulted from those partnerships.

In October 2016, Eurofins was appointed to design and implement the essential test suites for the preparation and certification of ‘Tivù’ compliant receivers.


As part of this agreement, Eurofins would produce the test materials for each strand of the Tivù project along with common HbbTV test materials to meet the specific objectives laid down by Tivù. Eurofins was able to draw on its extensive knowledge and experience to provide most appropriate elements of the HbbTV test suite that met Tivù’s exacting specification for both the mandatory testing (covering the DTT and D-Sat elements) and the optional OTT Tivùon!

For Internet-delivered Tivùon!, Eurofins produced additional materials to test the Marlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that provides secure delivery of content.


Eurofins has released a complete set of test materials for each of the Tivù services that are available to manufacturers of televisions and devices, either singly or collectively. These enable the manufacturer to perform thorough self-certification against the Tivù protocols prior to submitting the results to Tivù.
Once approved, the manufacturer is able to display the relevant Tivù logo (or ‘bollino’) and market the product to Italian consumers.