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South Africa: DVB-T2 Conformance Lab

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Preparations for digital switchover are well underway in South Africa with plans for an official launch of its digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform in 2013.

However, to guarantee that only reliable and conformant receivers enter the market, the Department of Communications (DOC) appointed the South African Bureau (SABS) to set up a receiver conformance facility at their labs in Pretoria. Following a competitive tender, Eurofins Digital Testing (previously Digital TV Labs) was selected as the prime contractor to provide a complete DVB-T2 conformance receiver solution. This included setting up a DVB-T2 receiver testing facility, building test suites and providing test tools to SABS to ensure that DTT receivers entering the market comply with the South African receiver specification, SANS862.

South Africa Digital Switchover

Eurofins Digital Testing advised the DOC and the SABS with the planning and execution of a successful conformance regime. To ensure success, the advisory services covered a full range of topics including; communication with manufacturers; logistic planning; use of logos; trademark agreements; white lists, as well as commercial advice.

The customised version of Eurofins Digital Testing’s Evora iSuite served as the cornerstone of the receiver testing regime. Evora is a unique solution consisting of a vast relational database of test cases and custom MPEG test streams packaged into a user-friendly test framework and test manager. Following analysis, we were quickly able to develop a test suite profile covering the SANS862 specification based on our huge range of existing DVB test cases and streams. Additionally, we wrote the test procedures for RF testing, over-air-download and interactive MHEG-5 services including assisting with procurement and commissioning of specialised test equipment and test suites.