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French HD Forum: HbbTV and DRM Test Suite

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The French HD Forum is driving the introduction of hybrid services on the DVB-T system known as TNT2.0. Using the HbbTV standard to deliver IP-based OTT services, the TNT2.0 platform was rolled out in 2013.

TNT2.0 Platform LogoThe HD Forum approached Eurofins Digital Testing as the experts in HbbTV and DVB-T test suites, as well as services to provide test materials, test harnesses and test services for receiver manufacturers. Working in close partnership, Eurofins Digital Testing helped the HD Forum author test specifications for the new profile, which includes new features such as DASH adaptive streaming. We authored new test cases and upgraded the Ligada iSuite HbbTV Test Harness to provide extensive test coverage of the TNT2.0 specification, and also provided DRM test cases and test servers for Marlin and Playready. With the help of Eurofins Digital Testing, receiver manufacturers are now able to utilise the new TNT2.0 test suite and run automated HbbTV, DVB-T and DRM tests on the Ligada iSuite test harness, allowing them to apply for the new TNT2.0 logo certification scheme.