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Freeview Australia & Freeview New Zealand

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Freeview Australia provides an advanced EPG service for a complex and highly regionalised high definition DVB-T DTT service that also features HbbTV services. It has PSI/SI signalling requirements that differ significantly from those in Europe, and includes MPEG-2 HD and MPEG-4 broadcasts. Freeview Australia recognised that there was a need for device testing that would ensure not only that the general core receiver functioned correctly but also that the associated PVR and EPG (in particular) features worked correctly.

Freeview Australia and New Zealand


Eurofins Digital Testing was appointed as the approved test house for certifying receivers for the award of the official logo. We authored a test specification and produced a bespoke version of Evora iSuite to include over-air-download, RF and PVR tests. We provided full certification for manufacturers with hosting and debugging via our Hong Kong facilities.

Freeview New Zealand has also appointed us in July 2015 to provide manufacturer conformance services using our Ligada iSuite for HbbTV for their enhanced Freeview Plus service. Due to the versatility of the Ligada iSuite test harness, Eurofins Digital Testing were able to add the extra test cases required to meet Freeview New Zealand’s requirements quickly and effectively. This new test service augments Eurofins existing Freeview UK and Freeview Australia conformance testing offering, and provides a one-stop shop for manufacturers in the future.