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Eurofins Digital Testing has been working with the Cyprus regulator OCECPR, providing a range of professional services covering strategy and implementation in advance of their DTT roll out. We liaised with local broadcasters to help with the selection of appropriate technologies and authoring of the receiver specification. Being a small country, Cyprus has to take into account the potential influx of receivers from adjacent countries into the retail market. They needed to ensure consumers were able to purchase the correct receivers with minimum interoperability issues. We were able to assist OCECPR with all aspects of supply chain handling, including selecting an appropriate receiver conformance strategy, building test materials and creating long-lasting processes.

Cyprus Case Study - Eurofins Digital Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing was able to provide detailed, in-depth knowledge of receiver specifications, imported from adjacent markets based on years of experience with DVB specifications. We worked closely with local stakeholders including public and private broadcasters to understand their specific network requirements and deployment characteristics. We provided a complete test strategy, which included:

  • Evaluation of conformance regime options for the Cyprus FTA market
  • Analysis of regulatory requirements and receiver supply chain
  • Recommendations on conformance lab operations
  • Setup of the conformance lab
  • Personnel skills/qualifications needed
  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Test materials requirements
  • Test results guidelines
  • On-going support and training requirements