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Belgium Post Group - bpost

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Also known as the Belgian Post Group, bpost has responsibility for national and international mail within Belgium. It has an annual revenue of around €2.5bn, is one of the largest employers in the country and offers a large range of services in the very competitive European marketplace. In addition to its core postal and courier operations its services extend beyond postage and into the sectors of banking and insurance. bpost selected Eurofins Digital Testing to support them with the testing and delivery of their software applications. 

Bpost has a wide IT landscape featuring around 300 different applications. Each year the company has three major corporate releases and a number of minor releases and updates. For every corporate release, several types of testing are required: regression testing, testing of new features for existing applications and testing of new applications.

In the past, all of the testing for GUI, API and Mobile was done using a manual process, but in 2014 the company chose to convert the manual regression testing process into an automated testing process with an Agile & DevOps driven approach.

Prior to the start of the testing partnership, both parties evaluated the tools currently being used by bpost. The company uses several HP tools including HP-ALM for test management and bug tracking, HP-UFT as the test automation environment for APIs GUI and mobile, and Neoload as the e-test performance environment. Eurofins deployed their fully trained staff, experienced in all of the necessary tools.

Eurofins worked closely with bpost to define the scope of the project and the required outcomes. From this Eurofins was able to determine the staffing that would be required and how these staff resources could be optimally deployed. The staffing model comprised 20 full time employees, broken down as follows:

  • 9 resources: a test lead, test managers, test engineers and a performance test engineer who were deployed to work on-site at the bpost headquarters in Brussels.
  • 10 resources: test engineers, test execution agents and test tooling support engineers working in the Eurofins test lab in Diepenbeek, Belgium.
  • 1 resource: test execution agent based in the test lab in Gdansk, Poland.

This approach ensured that staff resources were deployed where they had maximum impact:

  • Staff based in the bpost headquarters were those who needed closest day-to-day contact with the permanent bpost staff.
  • Staff based at the Eurofins test labs were those who needed to make best use of the extensive test facilities and equipment in the Diepenbeek labs. 

The use of our near shore facility in Gdansk also helps achieve economies of location across the engineering base.

The Eurofins staffing model can deliver flexibility should ongoing development require it, with additional, or fewer members of staff deployed at appropriate stages in the project.

Eurofins’ staffing approach benefits from a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) on the client site. In order to guarantee an optimal quality of the services that are rendered, a monthly meeting with the testing partner is held to discuss progress and identify process improvements.

Testing Services Delivered:

Eurofins takes full responsibility for the system tests of bpost ICT and utilises a wide array of test equipment to perform compatibility tests. On this project we provided the following functions:

bpost case studyTest Lead

  • Test Methodology/Test Strategy
  • Test Management Coordination
  • Test Competence Centre
  • Resource Capacity

Test Management

  • Test Coordination
  • Test Progress
  • Test Result
  • Production Follow Up
  • Go/No Go
  • Master Test Plan
  • Level Test Plan
  • Test Estimation
  • Test Resource Planning
  • Lessons Learned

Test Tooling

  • Test Tool Implementation
  • Test Case Management
  • Test Defect Management
  • Test Automation Management (API, GUI, Mobile)
  • Performance Test Management
  • Test Tool Support (admin/…)
  • Test Tool Training
  • Lab Setup

Test Development

  • Requirement Reviews
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Specification

Test Execution

  • Manual/API/Automated test Execution
  • Defect Reporting
  • Test Data

The project has been highly successful for bpost with Catherine De Baets, the Build-to-Run Transition Manager for bpost expressing her complete satisfaction with the work undertaken. This allowed bpost to focus on their core business and relax in the knowledge that their software applications will perform as expected.