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Our People

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Eurofins Digital Testing's strength lies within its people. We employ talented and creative individuals to ensure our business continues to thrive which contributes to a diverse set of skills and specialties. We share a common interest in establishing Eurofins Digital Testing as the leader at the forefront of the global digital media, software and device testing market. Many of our people are recognised global experts in their domain and are active in international standards organisations and industry groups.

Meet Gonda...

The thing I love most about Eurofins is the preparedness to listen, there are no problems but only solutions. As an employee I feel like I'm really allowed to give input to help and make the company even better. Even at my first day I had the feeling I was really welcome and everyone was immediately prepared to help me get settled. Eurofins gives me the opportunity to grow on many levels. The trainings I followed (and will follow) really helped me to develop my testing skills and also working with customers gives me the opportunity to grow even more. 

Meet Simon...

I joined the company straight out of university and over the years I have risen through the ranks to my current role as Test Manager where I manage our global team of test engineers working on the latest TV and broadcasting technologies. I work closely with the R&D Teams to introduce new testing services and with the sales team to ensure we are providing the highest quality service to our customers. I regularly represent the company with our customers and also the wider industry.

Eurofins Digital Testing has been a great place to develop my career, from the early days learning the trade as a test engineer, to being given the opportunity to take on a Project Management role for the introduction of CI Plus product lines and taking on the responsibility of running the test group. I've been able to take advantage of great training and mentoring schemes and as a result I’m now in a position where I can go on to mentor and develop the people working in my team. The thing I enjoy most about my role is collaborating with a great team of professionals in an environment where everyone's contributions are really valued and where customer service is high on the agenda.

Asma Sliti - Eurofins Test CoordinatorMeet Asma...

I feel very fortunate to work with such a professional team here at Eurofins Digital Testing. The engaging style and culture enables us to operate differently to conventional office environments. My main motivation for joining the team focused on personal growth within my career as well as making an impact in a growing, innovative company.

I am faced with exciting new challenges every day which ensures that I am always interested and engaged. Given my cultural background and the fact that I am many miles away from my hometown, I really feel as if I belong - my contributions are always valued and I am an active member of a growing team. I am constantly inspired to do my very best for the company as this also results in my own personal growth. 

Filip Falzone - Test Coordinator

Meet Filip...

I've worked at Eurofins long enough to see remarkable growth as well as considerable evolution in knowhow and technical competency within our core testing business. It's a good feeling knowing that our entire team is always looking to expand and being part of it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. What we do and accomplish as an individual really matters every single day. 

With growth comes challenges, and help and guidance that I've been given has made these challenges feel like opportunities! Furthermore, I’m happy that my colleagues and the general atmosphere makes is such a pleasurable experience.


Meet Teresa...

I joined this company as the first local Hong Kong employee back in 2009 as a Test Application Engineer. The early days were exciting with a mixture of sales, testing, support and administrative work in a tiny office. Gradually with excellent training and guidance from the UK head office, we established the sales network, built up our relationship with manufacturers in Asia, developed our technical capabilities and built the reputation of the Hong Kong Lab in the region. Now I’m a Technical Manager having 8 engineers in my team. We work closely with each of the well-known CE manufacturers and support them to produce high quality devices with short time-to-market. The working culture is unique, which encourages us to contribute creative ideas, increase work efficiency, and maintain good work-life balance. My personal career development here has not been only about gaining knowledge on the latest and most advanced technologies, but also about how to become a better person – nurturing and valuing people. I’m lucky to work with a team of smart engineers, and we are always looking for new ways to grow and develop in terms of size, efficiency and technical capability. 

Meet Josh...

I joined Eurofins Digital Testing late in 2009 as a contract field tester driving around Europe for a couple of months in a huge transit full of TV broadcast analysis equipment! After returning I was offered a permanent job working on an up and coming conditional access standard called CI+. The company was a lot smaller then and the days of making a tea round for most of the company have gone! It was a steep learning curve but I quickly gained lots of technical understanding and knowledge about the industry and its plethora of specifications and standards. Since then the company has grown and I have been involved with various other projects in the company. More recently I have been developing our Ligada iSuite product which focuses on testing devices supporting the HbbTV and MPEG-DASH standards. The thing I enjoy most about working here is the friendly and collaborative working atmosphere that spans across all teams, both in the UK and in Hong Kong. It means I come in every day, eager to work!