SmarDTV Global provides its latest USB Module Hardware platform to Eurofins for CI Plus 2.0 Test Tool

SmarDTV Global today announced that it is distributing modules to Eurofins Digital Testing for their new CI Plus 2.0 test tool, automating IDTV and set-top-box testing.
The CI Plus 2.0 specification creates a new physical interface by using Universal Serial Bus (USB) and moving away from the old PC Card (PCMCIA) standard as specified in the first generation of Common Interface.
USB is now standard on all TVs and STBs, and it removes the need for large PCMCIA connectors. This also enables TV manufacturers to have a truly global chassis, rather than having dedicated European sets, and reduces the cost barrier for STB manufacturers looking to adopt CI Plus 2.0.
USB 2.0 Conditional Access Module (CAM) becomes an easy and secure direct to TV solution, enabling pay-tv operators to increase reach and growth with premium services, overcoming PCMCIA barrier.

“We are delighted to partner with SmarDTV to develop USB 2.0 Conditional Access Modules to test. This has enabled Eurofins Digital Testing to extend its test suites coverage for CI Plus 2.0 on USB enabled STBs and IDTV’s, giving Pay TV operators the confidence to create new and more cost-effective services in their market,” said Johan Craeybeckx, Business Line Director at Eurofins.

“Providing modules to the official and very reliable certification center is part of SmarDTV strategy to help building the global environment that would create success and market adoption for our next generation products. We are delighted to partner with Eurofins towards this objective” said Lionel Boissier, SmarDTV Global CEO.

Eurofins is already offering early access to the CI Plus 2.0 Test Tool for its customers and expects to be able to begin certification early in 2020.

About SmarDTV Global
SmarDTV Global is an international leader in pay television technology. SmarDTV Global designs and manufactures a large range of set-top box solutions and CI / CI Plus plug-in modules which enable access to premium digital pay-TV whether delivered through broadcast or broadband. A founding member of CI Plus LLP, SmarDTV Global is headquartered in France with development and sales offices in Europe and Asia.

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