Eurofins Digital Testing offers Pre-compliance Testing of Qi Extended Power Profile Products using nok9 CATS II

Eurofins Digital Testing is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and rigorous testing facilities available. To this end we have made an investment in the nok9 CATS II system, acknowledged throughout the industry to be the most comprehensive and powerful wireless certification tool.

CATS II reference testers are regarded as the world standard and are most effective wireless charging reference testers in the market. They are designed to meet all the demands of the marketplace today and the developing marketplace of tomorrow. The system has been developed to meet the requirements of the WPC, is adaptable to new standard updates and is uniquely forward compatible.

If you are looking for pre-compliance testing of Qi Extended Power Profile products and Baseline Power Profile products, we can offer testing via the nok9 CATS II. We are happy to discuss how we can help you in your pre-compliance testing and invite you to get in touch to speak to our expert testing team.