Eurofins Digital Testing is a partner for Tele2, the European telecommunications operator headquartered in the Kista Science City, Stockholm, Sweden, providing automated testing and service validation for the company’s new Ultra HD/4K Tv Hub.          

In this hub Tele2 has launched the world’s first major Android N deployment based on Android TV Operator Tier.

Tele2 uses Eurofins’ testwizard test automation system to deliver automated testing and provide performance monitoring for quality assurance across Tele2’s branded services, ‘Tele2 Play’ and ‘Boxer’.

In addition to testwizard, Eurofins also provide services for test development, and test management. By using testwizard in combination with services provided in the Agile cross company driven project, has Tele2 achieved higher product quality and greater quality assurance. Tele2 is an innovative provider of quality services to 1.4 million subscriber households, and recognizes the importance of continuous test automation to deliver the very best experience and we are pleased they chose us to work with.

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