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Enhance your QA operation by using our Managed Services & Resourcing

Our managed testing service covers the complete range of testing activities, offering our clients a unique degree of operational flexibility and cost effectiveness for their quality assurance and testing.
How does it work? We take full ownership and control of the quality assurance aspects of particular project, or testing process, undertaking all necessary work. The client gets results faster, delivered transparently by some of the best testing professionals in the industry.

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If you don’t need a full managed service as a part of your project, but do need extra staff to cover particular aspects, consider hiring our test experts. They will support and augment your internal quality assurance and testing teams. We can provide staff for a variety of testing roles, specialisms and levels of seniority. They will seamlessly integrate with your existing teams and can be part of those teams for as long – or as short – as your work dictates. 

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Some of our clients

Companies large and small have recognized the value in both our managed services and resourcing. It can be difficult – sometimes impossible – for a company to efficiently manage workload, project delivery and resources so our scalable management and resourcing is a favourite of many companies including:

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What makes us different?

Our Wide-Ranging Expertise

Testing is what we do. At our operations around the world we have many testing professionals with an unrivalled level of expertise and depth of knowledge. Our experience stretches back a great number of years too, bolstering our experience and understanding of different and evolving service delivery methodologies.
We cover all forms of software application, infrastructure and device testing, providing you with a complete end-to-end service that covers both functional and non-functional aspects of quality assurance. Despite our long heritage we pride ourselves on being innovative in our approach and continually invest in our people to ensure they remain at the forefront of the business.

Our Worldwide Locations

Eurofins Digital Testing has a global test capability. This reach is further enhanced by a collaborative approach to providing the best fit service for each individual client. Our staffing resources and services can be provided from our offices around the world or on-site, at the client’s facilities
When you work with Eurofins Digital Testing you also gain access to our test labs, highly specified laboratories around the world that can augment your own testing facilities to allow more concurrent testing or enable alternative testing activities. The net result for the client is that they can derive the greatest cost-benefit from exploiting a highly experienced test partner.

Our Tooling & Infrastructure

Our teams are expert in working with an extensive range of testing tools, selecting the most effective from the commercial and open source options available to deliver on a specific project. We complement these with our in-house developed tools such as in the areas of test automation, conformance testing and security testing.
Our competency in Agile and DevOps environments, experience with cloud and SaaS and deep understanding of embedded systems adds to the scope of our work and the effectiveness of any partnership with a client. Collectively this means we can bring new tools and ideas to the table without compromising your existing environment.

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