Government Owned Public Body Organisation

Test Processes Development

We have had a strong working relationship with this company since 2013 and provided invaluable guidance, support and Training to them during their switch to using Agile Methodology. Working alongside their Test Teams we were able to provide expertise in software testing and transfer this knowledge in house whilst building strong relationships with their colleagues.

Company Background

This company is a non-profit making UK Government-owned organisation that was set up in 1989 to provide loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK.

They are responsible, in partnership with Local Authorities in England and Wales, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Education and Library boards in Northern Ireland, the Higher Education Institutions and HM Revenue & Customs, for student support delivery in the UK.


We were engaged to supply a Managed Testing service for System Testing to assist the company in meeting the challenges they face from a testing perspective in the future.


We delivered comprehensive testing services covering the below areas:

  • Supporting the testing of ‘Business As Usual’ (“BAU”) and project delivery as well as the Transformation Programme
  • Evolving the testing methods and techniques used within the company to meet the demands of the current approach and Agile approach to delivery
  • Implementing a governance framework that can be applied across the different lifecycle methodologies and project types used by the company, whether it be Agile/Traditional or a blend of both
  • Evolving the testing methods, techniques and tools used by the company to meet the new platforms (e.g. ‘apps’ and social media) and technologies being delivered
  • Obtaining knowledge for their staff through training or knowledge transfer from external suppliers in new methods and techniques
  • Ensuring that the governance framework has a consistent approach to measuring and monitoring quality across multiple programmes of work to provide business stakeholders with a clear picture of all testing processes within this company
  • Setting up a flexible testing organisation structure to meet the demands across all the delivery streams


  • We have continually out-performed the various Service Level Agreements set by this company and are used as an example of excellence to their other suppliers
  • We have demonstrated that its Induction and Knowledge Transfer processes are very effective. Our team of experts met the expectations of this company during the initial ramp up of the team in 2013 and has contributed to meet their strict SLA’s with respect to selection and on boarding new team members
  • At the initial take-on, our Team were deemed to be fully productive within a 2-week timescale. During the course of the relationship this has been further reduced to where this period is now generally less than one week, exceeding the company’s expectations
  • For the duration of our contract, we have been part of approximately 10 successfully delivered projects, excluding BAU work
  • Our value-add training has provided in excess of 100 training days which has in turn assisted with this company’s staff morale and given additional skills at no extra cost
  • Our Consultants, have been able to provide continuity and expert knowledge working closely with their Testing Services Area to prioritise and drive initiatives such as; Best Practice for Test Governance, testing in an Agile Environment, building a knowledge database and designing high quality regression pack
  • These activities have enabled this company to more effectively deliver programmes of work and to support process improvement

We have an excellent relationship with this company due to the high-quality Account Management and Service Delivery structure, quality of personnel and value-added consultancy and training and we rated excellent in all areas for our client survey rating – better than all their other suppliers. 

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