Eurofins Digital Testing Annual Seminar: Latest Trends in Test Automation, Performance and Security

This year's Annual Seminar will focus on Test Automation, Performance and Cyber Security. Involved in any of these? You need to attend!

Keynotes (9h00 – 12h00)

  • Testing: where are we heading? The latest trends in testing and testing technologies (Eurofins Digital Testing)
  • AI: Discover the different ways AI can be used in Quality Assurance (KU Leuven)
  • Extending Usability in the Development Process: How you can effectively enhance usability in your development process (Superlab)
  • Devops and Quality Assurance: So, where is this testing between Dev and Ops? (Eurofins Digital Testing)

Lunch (12h00 - 13h00)

Workshops (afternoon)

  • Infrastructure Hacking: The theory and the practice – and some real-world examples
  • Extending DevOps Cycles: to enhance usability, performance and security
  • AI for Testing and Testing AI Applications
  • Mastering Test Automation: let us help you to overcome your struggles

Networking event (16h00 - ….)