Eurofins Digital Testing is a market leader in providing pragmatic and focused advisory and consultancy services to our clients. This has been achieved through the unique combination of practical experience, ongoing investments in process and methodologies and technical subject matter expertise. By utilising our advisory and consultancy services our clients will benefit from: accelerated time to market, reduction in test effort, reduction in late phase change control, increased test efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, increased staff morale and greater clarity of measurable end deliverable quality. 

Providing you with expert advice on test process improvement for your organization.

Our proven framework delivers rapid results that are refined and aligned to your actual needs and business benefit as well as a sound testing process. Our process improvement solutions are faster, less labour intensive and more direct than other more generic process improvement models.

The need for dedicated quality assurance skills within agile and DevOps is as important as it is for Waterfall based projects. Eurofins Digital Testing provides you with the highly skilled technical testers you require to ensure the smooth running of your agile and DevOps driven projects.

Our testers also have the soft skills required to fully integrate in a seamless manner into your multi-disciplined project teams. These skills are underpinned by our testers deep tools knowledge which are so critical to the success of your agile and DevOps driven projects.   

Conformance Programs ensure that services, transmission equipment and receiving devices can operate collectively in an open and standard based broadcast ecosystem.
Broadcast standards specifications are the foundation for that ecosystem, ensuring conformance to those specifications delivers interoperable services and equipment. Conformance is the process that ensures implementations meet specifications, based on compliance with a common set of tests.
Eurofins experience working with broadcast operators, standards organizations, platform operators and CE manufacturers ensures we are perfectly placed to advise the industry on the ideal solution to approach a customised conformance program. Our work helps to assure the clear benefits of Next Gen TV are realized for consumers, manufacturers and broadcasters.

Many quality issues suffered by a client are derived from the use of third party development and testing teams. At Eurofins Digital Testing we have seen these issues impact the quality of our clients deliverables many times and have implemented a third party governance service which focuses on measuring and getting the best out of each third party employed by the client.

We have had great success in improving the focus, early phase testing, motives, ongoing support and measurable deliverables of our clients third parties by deploying a variety of hands-on techniques and processes aligned to measurable key performance indicators. We focus on driving a ‘one-team’ approach to ensure all internal and third party teams work to the same project objectives.

One of the key reasons for introducing automation, is that it enables manual resources to focus on more high-value, complex tasks such as defect investigation, to drill down into the root cause of a problem, rather than repeating regression tests which is a relatively menial activity.

By automating a comprehensive set of tests, manual testers can focus their skills on activities likely to bring more value to the operator. Automation is also very useful in proving product stability and compliance to requirements - stability refers to assessing device reliability under sustained loads for an extended period of time, with no service degradation across any area of platform performance or UX.

We provide the necessary expertise and capability to give you the full spectrum of User Acceptance test services.

This ranges from providing training and mentoring for end user testers, providing consultancy services to ensure the necessary process and disciplines are in place for accepting and measuring upstream deliveries into User Acceptance, undertaking test governance through the use of one of our Test Managers, deploying test automation to increase User Acceptance efficiency and repeatability through to undertaking a full User Acceptance managed service either onsite or offsite at one of our Testlab.

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