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Eurofins Digital Testing is a market leader in providing focused advisory and consultancy services. This has been achieved through the unique combination of the practical experience of our expert teams and our ongoing investment in processes and methodologies. We are pleased to work with many industry standards organisations both in an advisory and standards defining role. By using our advisory and consultancy services our clients benefit from: accelerated time to market, reduction in test effort, reduction in late phase change control and increased test efficiency. The net result for the client is increased customer satisfaction, increased staff satisfaction, and higher quality in all aspects of the product lifecycle.

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Our expertise in testing across a wide portfolio of industry standards and regimes gives us the opportunity to offer training courses, both off the shelf and precisely customized to a client’s individual requirements.
Our courses focus on testing techniques, to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness, the application of best practice process (to drive stronger testing discipline) and to support career progression. Courses can be adapted to meet the needs of experienced technical testing staff, business-based testers and even those with no previous experience in the testing space.
Training can be provided on-site, off-site and online. All our training staff are experienced testers in their own right.

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Some of our clients

Our Advisory & Training services appeal to a wide range of companies across a broad range of market sectors. They are designed to meet the needs of any organisation where testing and quality assurance are important. If you are involved in developing digital devices, applications, websites or IT systems, you will benefit from our expert advice and training. 

We are pleased that a number of leading companies have chosen to partner with us for their Advisory and Training needs. 

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What makes us different?

Our Practical Experience

Eurofins Digital Testing has experience in many hundreds of test programs and projects, conducted on behalf of its expansive client base. We have teams of class-leading testing professionals with a wealth of test expertise and knowledge. We are practitioners, not theorists.
We understand that every one of our clients’ projects has different challenges, both in technical and business terms. We remain flexible and accommodating to ensure the client’s needs are comprehensively met and often exceeded. We look on our clients as partners; their success is our success and we share the pride when a new product or service makes a positive impact on the market.

Our Knowledge of Methodologies

Eurofins Digital Testing supports all established and emergent methodologies. We are as comfortable supporting legacy-based waterfall programs as we are supporting our clients’ push into Agile, Continuous Integration and DevOps-based programmes. Our multi-skilled consultants understand the challenges in ensuring Quality Assurance is not forgotten as our clients strive for ever faster approaches in reducing time to market deliveries. We’re experienced in precisely matching testing regimes to each development methodology. We consider both the technical and soft skills required to ensure all test resources merge effectively and are effectively managed by our multi-disciplined project teams.

Our Strong Independence

Eurofins Digital Testing is staffed by people for whom testing is a passion. They look to improve the quality of client’s offerings without fear or favour. When you choose to partner with us you have the assurance that you’re working with a team of professionals that are looking to help deliver to you the best service or products, and can help you do so with the highest level of efficiency.
Our balanced capability of proven testing specific expertise aligned to all service delivery models enables us to progress our clients test capability and to deliver the best fit-for-purpose quality assurance service possible.

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