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Meet Eurofins Digital Testing at NAB 2017!

Meet Eurofins at NAB 2017!

At NAB 2017, Eurofins Digital Testing will be showcasing their extensive portfolio of testing solutions at two locations:

At the Flanders State of the Art Stand, Booth SU9817

Featuring on the Flanders stand we will be focusing on TestWizard, Eurofins' end-to-end test automation tool. TestWizard is a powerful and extensible automated solution for testing multiple devices simultaneously– mobile/cell phones, tablets, STBs – as well as web services.

At the ATSC Pavilion, Booth N528FP

Our second booth is part of the ATSC Pavilion in the Futures Park. Here we'll be showcasing our range of automation test tools for end-to-end conformance testing of devices and technologies, particularly ATSC 3.0. This will include a prototype of the company's conformance test tool for the verification of receivers to the ATSC 3.0 standard. There will also be a version of TestWizard demonstrated here.

NAB 2017 is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 24 to 27 April 2017.

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